The IAGMP is the official International Association of Grinberg Method® Practitioners. Our aim is to provide the highest level of professional support to our members, so they in turn can offer exemplary service to their clients.

Professional Standards

The Grinberg Method® profession was established in the middle of the 1990s, training practitioners from all over the world in its unique form of bodywork training and personal learning. In August 2011, the formal association was founded in Berlin, Germany. The IAGMP strives constantly to maintain high standards. Our aim is to support and direct our members, to uphold and oversee our Code of Ethics Professional Conduct and our Professional Guidelines to promote the profession worldwide.


Upon graduation, students receive an international certificate attesting that they are Qualified Practitioners of the Grinberg Method®. They are then invited to become members of the IAGMP. These members represent the finest in our profession and every day are teaching and inspiring thousands of clients around the world to learn to be well. Currently our members are teaching in more than a dozen countries across Asia, Europe, the Middle Eastand the USA.

Working as a Grinberg Method® Practitioner

Often we find ourselves struggling with physical symptoms, as well as patterns of behavior learned in our past that limit our lives today. Our members teach people how to use their personal strengths and abilities to move in the directions they choose, while improving their health and well being at the same time. Clients experience results as simple as headache relief and as far reaching as trauma healing. By using this integrative bodywork training method, practitioners accompany their clients as they make steps towards living the lives that they choose, becoming healthier and stronger in the process. This makes being a practitioner of the Grinberg Method® an incredibly rewarding profession.

Our Vision

The vision of the IAGMP is to inspire people to learn to be well and to bring greater public awareness to the opportunities the profession presents. The IAGMP supports an international network of practitioners, both members and students. We endeavor to raise the profile of our profession, and collaborate to exchange knowledge with individuals and institutions that share our vision. Our primary vision is to constantly develop our ability to teach people to be well.

Grinberg practitioner giving his client bodywork therapy