The IAGMP Board

The Board of the IAGMP consists of four elected members, who aim to represent the diversity of Grinberg Method practitioners all over the world. The members of the Board are elected by the General Meeting for a 2-year term and are eligible to be re-elected.
The Board represents the IAGMP according to the Statutes. It offers support by managing organizational affairs, developing and presiding over membership requirements, including renewal and terminations of annual memberships according to the Membership Requirements adopted by the General Meeting.
In addition, the Board assigns commissions, local delegations or individuals to be responsible for specific activities that work to fulfill the aims of the IAGMP.

The Professional Conduct & Recourse Commission

The PCRC consists of three non-board members, who – if possible – each have 5 years of independent professional experience  as practitioners.The members also represent different nationalities and countries of residence where they practice their profession. They are elected by the General Meeting for a 2-year term and are eligible for re-election afterwards.
The PCRC’s main goal is to ensure the ethical health and wellness of all participants and the profession. This is accomplished by both the supervision of quality practice and swift recourse for clients in the event that their learning is compromised.
This commission regularly examines and supports all inquiries involving 
ethics as well as upholds the Professional Guidelines and holds final decision in the case of an appeal regarding any disciplinary action toward, or the expulsion of a member.
The aim of the PCRC is to support clients, practitioners and students with questions and concerns they might have regarding professional and ethical matters involved in the work of a practitioner of the methodology of the Grinberg Method.

Should you wish to make a complaint about an experience you had with a practitioner, we kindly ask you to use this form in a direct and descriptive  way. It will allow us to answer you in the most timely and complete manner. Should you have a general question or remark, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email. Our address is When contacting the PCRC, you can expect to hear back from us within 10 working days.

Board Members

Valentina Ragno, Chairman
Roberto Espinagosa, Vicechairman
Paola Giraudo, Member of the Board
Fiona Brady, Member of the Board

Professional Conduct & Recourse Commission

Cristina Mach di Palmstein, Member of the PCRC
Andrea Daxner, Member of the PCRC