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Can Professional Ethics Really Impact Health & Wellness?

At the beginning of any learning process, a client often comes with the question, “How can I achieve my goal?” As practitioners we then go on a discovery tour with them to find out. We work together with the client to learn which patterns are still limiting their freedom today, and then we experiment with how to stop those patterns in order to grow stronger and access more of their individual potential for better health and wellness.

We want to do the same with the IAGMP.  Our goal is to be a strong and healthy group of professionals recognized by the public, sharing a common vision of ethics, professionalism and a high standard of bodywork training. This past year has already been the beginning of our own discovery tour. We have started to change some of the old structures still limiting our organization today. There’s still work to be done, and we’re happy to continue this process together with our members to combine forces in reaching this shared aim.

After months of intense work and collaboration with designers, consultants, practitioners, board members and other friends, we’re so happy today to have achieved our goal of launching our new website and being able to present this fresh face of our organization to the world. We’re excited to have a new platform to communicate and share our thoughts and experiences with the public about our work as practitioners of the Grinberg Method.

It has been an amazing experience over the past months to realize that we could make many decisions together– not only within the board but with a lot of input from our members as well. Our process has been focused on creating more transparency and open and direct communication both inside and outside of the organization.

As a board we received a lot of feedback and ideas of our members, who are constantly striving for more freedom and excellence in their work as practitioners. There have been many suggestions throughout the year and we’re looking forward to continuing the discussion at our General Meeting in November, where our very international group gets to meet each other in person and further discuss how to continue on this path of becoming an even stronger as an organization.

Our aim is to continue defining and forming a structure to uphold the high quality of work and professional development that we all would like to have, and to do so in a way that each one of us can also work as freely as he or she would like. At the end of the day, we want to know that each of our members, like our clients, are satisfied and confident in their own work, in that of their colleagues and in the support of our professional organization, the IAGMP, in bringing our profession and better health and wellness out into the world.

We are filled with curious anticipation about what the future will bring and excited to share it with you!

About the author:

Aninia Schwanhäuser is a Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method
in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Click here to see her IAGMP profile.

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