The Personal Process

The personal process utilizing the Grinberg Method teaches you, as a client, to use your own strengths and abilities to reach your goals, while simultaneously improving your health and wellness.

Through the use of somatic coaching, our process helps you to learn how to work with your own body. You will learn to stop harmful patterns from dictating your life, which will give you the freedom to move in the direction you choose, and through this you will learn how to be well in your life today.

The personal process consists of a series of one-on-one meetings between the client and practitioner. The meetings, called sessions, last one hour and usually take place weekly. Sessions involve a combination of touch, movement and breathing techniques.

Together, the practitioner and client verbally describe the client’s experiences, and the practitioner uses both touch and instruction to guide the client through the sessions.

As a client, you participate in the process. You learn how to implement what you have been taught in the sessions into your daily life. You will take your well-being back into your own hands and actively move towards fulfilling your aims and dreams.

This personal process teaches a discipline of attention, which when applied, can be used in all areas of your life.

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Why start a Process?

Our personal health and well-being affects our personal relationships, work relationships and all the interactions we have with the people around us. As we learn to become healthier and well, it does not only make life better for us but for all the people around us, too. As a result, the effects of this discipline are far-reaching.

Learning to be well can be applied to any subject or aspect of a person’s life. The reasons to start a process of somatic coaching and individual learning are diverse, and might include chronic pain, grief and loss, coping with anxiety, recovery from illness or accident, a desire for increased concentration and focus or just to learn how to manage your daily interactions better.

The practitioner works in parallel to any other treatment the client requires. The client will not be asked to stop any therapy or treatment in order to benefit from a personal process.

We respect our clients’ choices to seek greater health and well-being, and we wish to contribute to their full recovery and accompany them in learning to reclaim their natural strengths and abilities.

How and what do we teach?

Just as every body and every person is unique, so too is the approach the practitioner takes in each client’s learning process. In a series of one-on-one meetings, our members teach you, the client, to be well, and develop an individual strategy for you to reach your chosen aims.

Our approach is unique because it is not a passive version of traditional bodywork in which clients simply receive treatment. Instead of treating you, the Grinberg Method takes the approach of teaching you. In this way we facilitate personal empowerment. As practitioners, our members learn with you and your body how to partner with you to achieve your goals through somatic coaching. We teach you how to apply the tools you learn in your process to deal with and stop repetitive behaviors or reactions that stand in the way of your well-being in your daily life. While the learning begins in the working room with the practitioner, it is up to you to practice what you have learned and apply it.

The journey of a personal process is highly rewarding, and often surprising. You will re-discover and regain your own strengths and abilities, and become more of who you are. At the same time, you will learn to experience fear and pain as fundamental parts of life, while developing the personal discipline and responsibility necessary to deal with them. This training allows you to approach any situation in life with more strength and confidence.

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